Unleash Psychic Powers

Unleash Psychic Powers

Because they are a natural and fundamental, part of you: without them, you lack certain abilities that contribute to your success and fulfillment in life.

The program of development described in this course is both enjoyable and practical. Following it, you will gain in health and vitality, emotional and mental strength, greater success in your daily pursuits, and a new understanding of your Inner Self and the World in which we all live.

You will learn techniques of relaxation and restoration for the Body, Psyche and Mind. You will also learn two special meditation programs: the Tabor Formulation and the Reflection on the Psycho-physical Unity, and you will learn the value of new attitudes to all the things you do – including Imaginative Enthusiasm, the secret to a happy and well-balanced life.

In developing your psychic powers – those of ESP, Telekinesis, Astral Vision, Divination, Psychometry, Dowsing, etc. – you will open new doors to knowledge and adventure that will enrich your life in all dimensions.

And in developing your own psychic powers, and in understanding the description of the psyche given in this course, you will gain new insight into the natural development of the child and immensely improve your ability as a parent or teacher to help children grow into more complete human beings.

Fun! Many of the “exercises” in this development program are GAMES that can be played by all ages for enjoyment as well as the growth of the skills involved.

Why develop your Psychic Powers? Because you are missing out on so much without them!

Price: €60.00

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